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  1. Do not submit copyrighted content with regard to Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China. Works written in modern times are automatically copyrighted under the Berne Convention. Only submit content that is public domain, either (1) automatically due to old age or (2) explicitly put into the public domain by its authors. However, material copyrighted by the school is occasionally permissible, provided that an explicit statement of copyright is expressly included.
  2. Follow the School's Behavior policy.
  3. Follow the Manual of Style of the English Wikipedia when applicable. When in conflict with Wikipao-specific policies, Wikipao policies take precedence.
  4. When creating or linking to pages that describe a person in or related to YK Pao School, (1) if said user has an account on this wiki, link to their user page with form [[User:Username|Real name or contextually appropriate name]] or (2) if said user does not have an account on this wiki, create a page titled their real name, and if they register for an account on this wiki in the future, the page shall be merged into their user page.
  5. Defamation, ad-hominem, name-calling, and cursing are prohibited.